1. HTML, Markdown;
  2. CSS, LESS, SCSS, Stylus, PostCSS;
  3. JavaScript, Typescript;
  4. React, Angular, Vue;
  5. React Native, Gameface
  6. XML, XSLT, XPath, SVG;
  7. PHP, Parser;
  8. MySQL;
  9. WAI-ARIA;
  10. Wordpress, Symphony CMS, Mediawiki, Tilda, Github Pages, Cloudflare.
  11. Gulp, Webpack, Git
  12. Linux, Windows

Open source projects


Documentation about web technologies: XSLT and XPath, HTML and CSS, Angular, Node.js, Python 3, React, Typescript.

Github repositories:


Database with bad drugs in JSON format. React native app, Telegram bot for use this database.

Github repositories:


Lesta Games

August 2022 — Now

Make interfaces with React, Python, Coherent Gameface in «Мир Танков».

May 2020 — August 2022

Make interfaces with React, Vue, Coherent Gameface in World of Tank.

BN Studio
BN Studio

April 2017 — May 2020

מערכת ניהול ועדת תמרור

Frontend development: Angular 7, Typescript, PrimeNG, REST API
Natali Bogorad’s Design cafe

Development: XSLT, PostCSS, CSSNext, ES6, Webpack, Gulp
Moscow Seasons

Support: React, Stylus
אתר הנדל״ן הממשלתי

Support: HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Grunt
BN Studio

Development: HTML, LESS, JS, Gulp, Cloudflare
Ski Rollers

Development: Wordpress, HTML, LESS, JS
ארצי, חיבה, אלמקייס, כהן — פתרונות מיסוי

Support: Wordpress, HTML, LESS, JS, PHP

Advertising agency «Klen»

November 2009 — 2016

I worked on the creation, development and support of agency sites. In my free time I wrote websites for clients of an agency or remotely freelancing. For an advertising agency created and maintained sites:

Advertising agency Klen

Symphony CMS, XSLT
Skinali catalog

Symphony CMS, XSLT

Fleelance works:

Australian Institute of Fitness
Symphony CMS, XSLT, HTML, CSS, JS, UIKit
Drilling company
Heating Equipment Store
Wordpress, WooCommerce

Creative People
Creative People

November 2015 — May 2017,
September 2011 — November 2012,

Worked remotely as a technologist in the support department. Engaged in the maintenance of customer sites:


Backend on Symphony CMS:

Art Lebedev Studio

November 2006 — November 2009

I worked as a coder in the support department. Engaged in the maintenance of client sites on systems Imprimatur и Imprimatur II:


MiniQ #20

November 2019

Forward to the Past, Photos, Slides, Slides on Github

MiniQ #14

April 2019

CSS Practice, Photos, Slides, Slides on Github


VSU Masherova, 1999 — 2004
Higher technical
Specialties: software mathematician, teacher of mathematics and computer science